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New Development

The Muslim Community has been growing steadily. We have been gradually updating, renovating and making changes as necessary to accomodate for space.  

Developments thus far

  • In January, 2019, an IP security system with five cameras was installed at ISV masjid to provide security to all those who come to the masjid and to protect masjid property and its contents. Three cameras in the main hall to monitor activities, one in ladies’ area. One camera in the main hall has audio and video recording capability. ISBV Shura is working on using it for live streaming traweeh prayers, in sha Allah.


  • In January, 2019, washrooms were renovated for both men and ladies, a new toilet added and an ablution steel basin added for men’s washroom. These have helped to facilitate performing ablution for the Jumuah crowd.


  • In January, 2019, a new teacher, Sh. Jemal Muhamed Guhad, was hired to teach Quran to the children in two groups during first four evenings of the week. He is a Hafiz of Quran and has extensive teaching experience in UAE.


  • In the first week of May, about 40 students of  Islamic school  finished their semester classes with graduation certificates.


  • Also a graduation event is being held on Sunday, May 5 for Sunday Islamic school.


  • In preparation for the month of Ramadan, a fundraising event is being organized throughout the month. All the community members are being asked to donate generously with an objective to raise about $6.0 million to buy land in Vaughan for future ISV Masjid.